Why most probiotics do not repair the "gut"

Date10/24/2016 12:53:25 AM
PriceUSD 37.00
Have you seen the TV ads for probiotics supplements and yogurts?
They're everywhere now. Everybody is hopping onto the probiotic

Here's the thing...

Studies show that 80-99% of the good bacteria in most probiotic
supplements don't survive your stomach acid.

In other words...
They die before ever reaching your "gut."
And yogurts...

Don't even get me started on these sugar-laden, "gut" damaging, tasty treats.

To my knowledge...
There is only one way to actually restore your body of good bacteria naturally and reach your intestines effectively...The good bacteria in The Lean Gut Diet is shown to colonize over
your bad bacteria. It really is like sending Seal Team Six into your
"gut" and taking out the bad guys.
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