Making money has never been easier with World Global Network

Date12/1/2016 1:42:20 PM
PriceUSD 59.00
Looking for 10 serious networkers for a 5 year old , debt free ,
publically traded Health and Telecom company , now in 195
countries , grossing 157 Millions in 2015.

The company's Motto is :
Developing innovative technologies to connect people, create opportunities,
and improve overall quality of life.

Some opportunities knock... this one is beating down your door!

Are you ready?
Be the first to market the most Advanced Wearable Device in Health and Monitoring.

Opportunities come around only once in so many years and if you spend a few minutes
to evaluate Wor(l)d Global Network I’m sure you’ll agree that this is one of those rare

Founded in 2011 , World seeks to transcend every social and economic boundary.
Using innovative products and a proven , direct selling business model WOR(L)D is
helping people from around the globe to transform their lives.

The Acid Test of Any MLM Opportunity:

1. The company must have a unique product :
Welcome to " HELO " a member of the fastest growing trend of wearable technology

2. The product should be consumable : everybody wants and needs it for themselves
or their loved ones

3. The market should be global , already in 195 countries

4. The company has to have stable leadership and financial backing , Made 157 Millions
in revenue in 2015, publically traded with the symbol WRMT

5. The compensation plan must place money in your pocket fast, multiple income streams,
fast start bonus

6. The start-up cost should be affordable, you can sign up for free , become a customer and
get paid or a partner at $320 or an executive at $1280

7. There should be a marketing system to help you market your product or service, you will be
joining the team with an established leadership and a master distributor at the helm

NOW Is YOUR Time To Act!

Just consider for a minute the offer that's before you right now:

You can sign up for a free site, as a customer, or if you're like me, you will dwelve right in,
sign up at the executive or partner level and start making money right away .

Watch the second video over and over again and if you need more info, you can call,
text me at : 631-455-8681

Here is a simple step by step guide to wor(l)d's compensation.

1. BECOME A MEMBER - Once you purchase either a Partner Pack or Executive Pack you
automatically become a Member.

2. FAST SALES BONUS - Every time your customers buy a product from your Store, you will
earn a 10% sales bonus.

3. BECOME A TEAM BUILDER - Meet the minimum work requirement and qualify as TEAM BUILDER
(Partner or Executive). You will need to sell at least 100 SV on both the left and right teams (1 right team
member and 1 left team member).

See you at the top
Guy Etienne, M.D.
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