Make All Children Happy and Proud !

Date11/17/2013 6:37:15 PM
PriceUSD 7.95
Making All Children Happy and Proud (USA)

This is a brand new product just off the press and the purpose is to make all children happy. The price is cut to the bone and on top of that I am giving you a discount code holiday that will save you another 10% on your order. ! ! ! ! (COUPON DISCOUNT 15% UNTIL DECEMBER 1) ! ! ! ! !

The code is only good for one purchase but you can order as many books as you would like but you will save the extra 10% only one time. The designer and owner of the product will barely make enough to cover the Free Shipping and Handling but stresses that this is strictly for the kids As soon as I saw this product I bought enough for all of our grand kids, nieces and nephews plus a few for some of my best friends grandchildren. This offer will only last until the end of the year and then will revert back to $12.95, so get your orders in and save big. These booklets make great Christmas presents. Remember the discount code is holiday. When you buy these you can do whatever you want with them you can buy in quantity and sell them if you wish as you will not see these for sale in any store or on TV.
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