Submarine Commander ebook

Date2/28/2017 12:07:22 PM
PriceUSD 2.99
Price: 2.99 USD
Rear Admiral Ben Bryant was there. He knows what it takes to command a fighting submarine: skill, immense courage the uncanny ability to guess the enemy's next move. Now he explains all the techniques involved in undersea warfare. He tells the story of the World War II submarine, a more efficient fighting unit when on the surface than when submerged; and how a crack crew, like his own, was able to average ten tons of sunken enemy shipping for every sixteen-pound round fired from his three-inch gun. The submarine is a versatile weapon - torpedo boat, gun boat, rescue station, reconnaissance unit, power station, and platform for landing and taking off agents behind enemy lines. Submarine Commander gives the whole picture, putting you at the eyepiece of the periscope.

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