Bit Coin will continue to rise, it's not too late. Recieve

What I found difficult was finding an exchange the would allow me to fund or to deposit fiat money (US dollars) to buy cryptocurrency. I've had good experience with the one I'm using both with using credit cards and transferring fiat $ to buy cryptos and withdrawing profits back to my bank. I got verified and setup my credit cards and bank account which didn't take too long. So far coin base has been the simpliest to use and set up. If you use my referral link we both get $10.00 in BTC. You do have to buy or sell $100 before they give it to both of us. I can't find any other way to get the returns that have been happening with Bitcoin. If you know of a better way I'm open to your insight.

PS. My first referral is now worth $67 dollars because BTC keeps going up! Some experts say it will be $40000 by end of 2018!
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