New Wine Club: Get together, have fun, get free wine

Wine has been around nearly since the beginning of time. Getting together and enjoying a bottle of fine artisan wine from small vineyards around the world with your friends sound like a good time to you. Then this little gem of a club is just the thing for you.
When you order these wines, you get your choice of as few as two white, red or one of each. every month a new delivery arrives at your door. Inside is a description of the wine, its maker and foods that pair well with it.
As a gift and an incentive, when you refer as few as three of your friends, your monthly bottles of wine become free. If you choose. to pursue it further. money can be made.
So why not kick back and enjoy great wine with good friends? you owe it to yourself to relax from time to time. Life is too stressful when it is all work and no play.
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