Weight Loss MYTH Eat Less, Exercise More

Date4/27/2018 4:52:39 PM
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When you get the advice EAT LESS and EXERCISE MORE, then there’s no other group of people who did exactly that than the contestants of the TV program ‘The Biggest Loser’, right?

However, according to a study conducted in 2016 on former contestants of the weight loss reality show, not only were their weights back up but their metabolism was “slower than people of comparable age and body composition”.

The study, which was published in the scientific journal Obesity, noted that the contestants’ levels of leptin, the ‘satiety’ or ‘ok, I’m full now, stop eating’ hormone have dramatically dropped. It seemed that their leptin levels never fully returned to their pre-TV show appearance levels even after six years!

Although it’s true that the “EAT LESS and EXERCISE MORE” motto was obviously at extremely high levels for the show, the effects on the contestants long after the cameras have stopped rolling are still astounding.

So what do these research findings mean to you?
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