Need To Raise $MONEY$? New Viral Cooperative Crowdfunding

Date12/12/2018 3:39:22 AM
It's a Paradigm shift.. Viral Crowdfunding - Funding For All - Regardless Of Your Personal Need.
This is legal. This is real. This is exploding in popularity b/c everybody gets $$/Funding!
I enrolled a gal at $250 Pledge level. She has not enrolled anyone yet..And she's "ECSTATIC" receiving three $125 donations...
Folks are receptive and engaging with no lengthy MLM 3-ways to promote an over priced product, company, comp plan and management...This is NOT MLM. There is no middle-man and nobody at the top.
It's Cooperative Crowdfunding... a Paradigm shift, from your typical crowdfunding platform.!
We all:
GIVE- to one another
SHARE- educate others
Receive- donations from others - WORLD-WIDE
Join the Party and Receive donations..😀
If your current financial situation is preventing you getting the money you need, come "Have Some Fund"!!
Your reason for money can stay really doesn't matter what you need it for!
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