Unwrap Your CBD Bomb and Enjoy The Lavish

Date8/29/2019 6:52:00 PM
PriceUSD 15.00
How Lavish™ CBD Bombs work!Each bomb contains 50mg of remarkable CBD. Disolve in warm water to reveal the benefits.Allow it to fizz, float and dance around your bathtub!Your Bath & Beautiful Body
Will Never Feel So Good.Slip in and Soak to
Release the benefits of CBD

To maximize results, relax for 30 minutes or more.Each Bomb contains 50mg of CBD
to Help Soothe Your Body and Mind

Every bath bomb is handmade with 100% safe and tested CBD.
Every day you hear new stories of people using CBD as an alternative to live a better, easier, and more relaxed life.
The myth that CBD will make you "high" or loopy is a thing of the past.
If you were offered a simple and relaxing solution to be a better version of you and live a happier, more relaxed life, would you try it? ... Us too.
Our bath bombs have all the ingredients to help ease your body and mind while being packed into a calming, fun and fizzy bath treat. The more you use Lavish's powerful 50mg CBD Bombs, the more fabulous you're going to feel.
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