Brother SE400 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual

Date5/11/2022 6:09:33 PM
PriceUSD 4.99
Brother SE400 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual.
Threading the upper thread.
Bobbin winding.
Thread tension dial.
Changing the machine settings.
Checking the needle.
Viewing the LCD.
Free-arm sewing.
Zipper insertion.
Buttonhole sewing.
Attaching the embroidery frame.
Connecting character patterns.
Using an embroidery card.
Attaching the embroidery unit.
Eyelet stitching.
Adjusting the LCD.
Much more!
167 pages instruction manual.
Brother SE-400
We also carry the service and parts manual.
Adjusting the thread tension
You may need to change the thread tension, depending upon the fabric and thread being used. Correct thread tension
The upper thread and the bobbin thread should cross near the center of the fabric.
Only the upper thread should be visible from the top side of the fabric, and only the bobbin thread should be visible from
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