Date11/5/2019 11:15:55 AM
About ME ....Ruby Rose.....I’m A 5th-Generation Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Empath, Certified Card Reader, And A Spiritual Advisor. I Use My Gifts And The Tarot, Major And Minor Arcana, To Provide The Answers You Need To Know. I Feel I Can Bless Your Life With Deep Knowledge Into Life Events And Insight Into The People Who Challenge You. My Experience Spans 16 Years And I’ve Always Possessed The Desire And Accuracy To Help Others With Their Problems, While Staying Impartial And Nonjudgmental. I Will Empower Your Heart And Mind On Your Journey With Peace, Love, And A Sense Of Clarity! Allow Me To Guide Your Steps With Insight ... And Let My Accuracy Speak For Itself.
God Bless ‪(213)379-5557‬
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