Trouble Getting a Mortgage?

Date4/1/2020 11:48:09 AM
Hi, my name is Nick. I’ve been in the mortgage business for over 25 years, most of it as an underwriter. I started Sundial Capital because 1)I have seen far too many inefficiencies in the way mortgages get done and 2) borrowers being overcharged because overhead for most companies is so high (fancy offices, lots of staff, etc.).
At Sundial Capital, your loan officer is also the owner and the processor. You have one point of contact for your loan. We are local with one office (a home office!) so overhead is extremely low which allows us to offer the most favorable rates and terms around.
Some of our services include:

* Loans for borrowers with ITIN only

* Qualifying off of business bank statements

* Qualifying off of assets, not income (high net worth only)

* Borrowers with credit issues

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Nick Hanna
Sundial Capital, LLC
NMLS #590615

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