Surviving the 2020 Coronavirus Outbreak

Date3/16/2020 1:30:14 AM
PriceUSD 19.00
Turn the news on and you will see constant updates on how the latest CoronaVirus has quickly spread throughout the world. With no current vaccine to combat every CoronaVirus mutation, it is no wonder people around the world and even the World Health Organization.

To help keep you informed, they have created the ultimate guide to surviving the 2020 Coronavirus Outbreak.

Packed full of researched data, this guide helps you cut through the piles of misinformation and help you understand the risks and how best to protect yourself and your family in this trying time.

There is no sugar coating the fact that the COVID-19 virus strain is nasty.

It has spread like wildfire from person to person and can now be found on every habitable continent on Earth.
It will help you understand the risks, discover how best to protect yourself and your loved ones during this trying time
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