I will repair, fix any windows computer or laptop issue

Date3/21/2020 2:29:26 AM
PriceUSD 50.00
Did you know that 90% of computer issues can be resolved remotely? I have more than 5 years of professional experience in Remote IT Support & Troubleshooting. I will be more than happy to assist you if you are experiencing any of the following issues;

Your Computer is slow!
Browser is showing too many ads
Computer keeps restarting
Keyboard, mouse, printer or other peripherals aren’t working properly
Peripheral commands interpreted incorrectly
App command not working
Internet is slow
Downloads take forever
Computer freezes
Attachments won’t open
PC blue screen of death
Pop-up ads
Not receiving emails or email app won't load

Whatever your problem is, don't worry, I have the expertise and experience to get things running cleanly again.

Call now for quick support. I do not charge by the hour and if I can't resolve your issue then you will receive a full refund. Please visit the link ing/ for pricing details.I am available 24/7, contact anytime!

Certified Technical support Specialist
Call Now: 1 (844) 394 2440
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