Angelum Lucis

Do you sometimes feel like everything in life is against you?

That despite your best intentions, you just can’t seem to keep everything together the way you want to

And every day feels dreadful, because you feel fearful of the uncertainties that you are facing in life.

You may have even tried it all – meditation, self-hypnosis, medication prescribed by doctors, and prayers…

But nothing seems to relieve you of the stress and anxiety that overwhelms you on a daily basis,

And your prayers seem to have fallen on deaf ears and gone unanswered.

Yet the more you try to overcome this paralyzing feeling, the more it feels like you are going to crumble from all the pressure.

And you know that your health is taking a big hit because of that.

The worst thing is, you have to keep it all wrapped up under covers and put a smile on your face, so that the people around you don’t judge you for it, or think that you just looking for some sympathy.
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