5 Minute Manifestation

Date12/4/2023 8:52:11 PM
PriceUSD 9.00
Do you want to manifest while you sleep?
More money perhaps?
Or maybe that special someone?
Maybe even that home of your dreams?
Or in my case, the dream (pun intended) of a lifetime, a book deal.
All you need is 5 minutes, some solid visualization skills (I will show you exactly how to do this) and well, some good sleep.
This might all be sounding too good to be true so let’s break down this technique just a bit to really understand why it works.
Your subconscious mind is what creates your physical reality. It uses pictures and feelings based on your beliefs about life to create what you see.
95% of your life is controlled by your subconscious mind.
Yes, this means that your decisions, actions, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, that run through your mind on any given day are almost all subconscious.
This does also include things like breathing, digesting, swallowing…you get it.
But what you really care about at least for the sake of this article is intentional manifesting.
Manifestation simply means taking a thought from the mind and turning into a physical thing or event in your life.
Intentional manifesting is manifesting more of what you want (a house, car, book deal, new puppy, more money, etc.) and putting a heavy focus on your desires rather than what you don’t want.
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