Listen To Your Spirit Guide With Harmonic Influence

Date7/17/2020 3:41:21 AM
PriceUSD 24.00
The spirit guide is an entity that was either sent by the greater intelligence of the universe or sprang up from the wisest part of our subconscious. The spirit guide is in tune with all of our inner conflicts, and understands what adventures we must undertake in the future. It has an innate ability to guide us to where we need to go. some will say it manifests as a spectral animal, others say it is a mysterious person, while others maintain they receive only "gut feelings" and "impulses" that guide their actions.

Regardless, the spirit guide is a profoundly important being in mythology across the world. Mythical heroes always have a guide that moves them along the path toward victory, and teaches them the truly heroic path is a spiritual one. In early Greek culture, the spirit guide was an icon of power, and a god in his own right. Though all of the guides helped along the hero, it was usually Hermes who ultimately guided the hero personally through tragedy and on to triumph. In the Cherokee tradition, the spirits of deceased ancestors often offer advice and guide their living relatives to a life of peace and prosperity.

Of course today spirit guides may manifest as anything the viewer would be most comfortable with, or something that would resonate powerfully with them. In any case, it's all a matter of learning how to listen. Understand how to know your spirit guide when they are around, and they will be a lantern even in the darkest of times. The main problem with making contact with your spirit guide, is that consciousness is often an inhibitor of this profoundly important spiritual activity. There's a reason these beings often come into our dreams to tell us what we need to know. The conscious mind drowns out the subtle and important advice of the spirit guide.

So let us quiet down your mind so you can listen when you're awake. Dreams are often forgotten, particularly if they are subtle. Subtlety is, however, the very nature of the spirit guide. When awake and in an open state, we can understand the things the spirit guide wants to tell us. They're always trying to communicate with us. We just need to listen. The most powerful block put in place by society can be removed with our spirit guide entrainment programs, and you too can start leading a more spiritually sound life guided by your own personal spirit guide.
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