Who Is Like God?

This book reveals the story of Michael the Archangel and what he did for mankind in our present times. By reading it, you will find out the reason for his glory and the people's need for his intervention. Welcome, much beloved soul and accompanying souls. Before starting to develop one topic or another, it would appropriate to get acquainted. We wish to introduce ourselves, and then to be acknowledged on Earth as authors of the series „Talking with God“, respectively I, Elohim, energies of a superior, transcendental and non-material frequency, Creator of the world as you currently know it, and as you have known it in the past. I am what you call God and I make myself known to you now as being the Voice of the Father or the Spirit of the Truth, or, as you have recently described me, I am All That Is, and there is nothing else outside Me. I am glad to be contacted in this way by one of you. However, as you already know, this is not the only transmitting filter.“

“I am. I am the God of the Old and the New Testament. I am known as the Lord of the spirits and armies, of the lambs, and of the angels from all the worlds existing, and which have not been yet created. I am the God of Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses and David, and Elijah. I am the God who has descended into the world, the One who has ascended Jesus, who then ascended the sons of the people in righteousness, along with Him. I am the God of all nations and races. I am the well-known Vishnu Sahasranama or Allah. I am the God of Yeshua Messiah, of Muhammad ibn Abdallah, of Krishna and the enlightened and beloved Lao Zi.
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