Astral Beginners Guide Program

Date7/27/2020 9:01:55 PM
PriceUSD 27.00
You’re in the best place to learn about astral projection, spirituality and raising your vibrations. Take your time, look around and bookmark our site because we constantly update it and add new things!

Astral projection is the ability to separate your physical body from your ‘astral’ body and travel around the astral planes while still being ‘connected’ to your physical body via a ‘cord’. It’s a learnable skill that anyone can practice, and it’s got many benefits. Sound confusing? Well, the more you read, the more you’ll understand how it works.

The basics of astral projection is that you can, with practice, separate your astral body from the physical.

An important part of astral travel is actually believing that there IS an astral body and it CAN be separated from the physical one. If you don’t believe this, you’ll find it very difficult!

Learn proven methods to astral project, tonight. Get over 15 exciting methods, tips, and exclusive astral hacks to ensure your success!
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