Get Best Quality Daycare for Your Little One

Date10/19/2020 3:29:05 AM
Child care or daycare is the institution which takes care of a child other than the child's legal guardians. Daycare is the second home where the child feels at home and is taken due care. Day care hence is a blessing to parents who can attend to their work peacefully, especially in urban cities. Children love to spend time in day care as they mostly enjoy the company of peers and enjoying socialisation. Children are kept engaged and learn many skills as per the activities performed in the centre.
Genius Kids is proud to accept infants as small as 3 weeks of age to our Nursery School Program in Howell. We have professional, caring staff who will make sure your baby is attended to at all times. We are prepared and experienced for not only feeding and changing, but to stimulate your baby with fun colors, music, and toys that are appropriate. Infant environment at our Nursery School in Howell is warm and inviting, and we welcome the opportunity to take care of your most p
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