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With revenue sharing deals starting at 60%, you wouldn’t be able to find better opportunities elsewhere. We provide timely payments to our publishing partners as per our revenue-sharing agreement.
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We are here to ease our publishing partners’ burden of finding the right ads for their website by curating ads from some of the industry’s best brand names. We provide quality adverts to help you monetize your website without compromising the user experience. When you join 7SearchPPC as a publisher, you will have the liberty to choose the types of ads you want and where you want to show those ads on your website.
We are in the industry long enough to understand our publishers’ needs and give them precisely what they desire. We have algorithms in place that will never put out-of-context ads or adverts that don’t match your website’s content.
We ensure to provide the best quality ads, and for that, we have put in place strict requirements that our advertising partners have to fulfill. This scrutiny process helps 7SerachPPC provide quality ads to our publishers, ensuring an excellent user experience.
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