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Date10/23/2020 6:55:48 PM
Price€ 100.00
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+61 402070419+61 402070419
as a muslim, it is necessary to recite Quran and an obligation to learn how to recite Quran. Life these days has become so hasty that we seldom get a time to make it to institutes to learn the recitation of the Quran and sometimes due to difficulty in traveling and some other reasons it often gets difficult for most of the people to learn the Quran.
Quran tutors academy is a perfect platform which is providing online teaching services to people all over the World. We have a team of qualified teachers who provide their devoted services and help people learn the recitation of the Quran in an easy and convenient way. We offer our teaching services to everyone be it a kid, adult or elder.
What distinguishes us from others?
Free trial lectures for the first three days just to make you comfortable and satisfied with our services before you invest.
We offer a flexible time table so that you don’t have to worry if you are not able to attend lectures at a particular time.
We have an extremely affordable fee structure which suits everyone.
We offer live sessions and can provide the recorded lectures so that you can listen to them any feasible time.
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