Compliance Audit: By Approved auditors in Dubai

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Date11/14/2020 7:33:16 AM
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971 55 4145900971 55 4145900
Compliance audit and procedures that come under this category basically entail the workings of an organization are all adhering to regulatory body’s guidelines. When looking to outsource the task, it’s much easier to get a relevant service provider among the top approved auditors in the region.

In UAE’s case, or even Bahrain to include the nearby region, an auditing firm especially one that is considered among the best approved auditors need to know and have ample knowledge of the industry workings and the laws of the state. You can only properly look into compliance regulations of a certain company if you are aware of what the compliance rules of that region are.

Apart from the necessary industry experience and knowledge, the compliance rules also differ from company type such as public or private, among other components such as their working methodologies, how they store their important data and what’s its nature etc. All these factors also affect how the compliance regulations affect a company, therefore an auditing firm that knows it’s way around different structures and how the rules vary from firm to firm is one to go for.

Quantum Auditing is Bahrain and UAE’s leading financial services firm that has years worth of industry experience to know and have extraordinary knowledge of the workings of the market. As Compliance Auditors, they generally ask CIOs, CTOs and IT administrators a series of pointed questions over the course of an audit. These may include what users were added and when, who has left the Company, whether user IDs were revoked and which IT administrators have access to critical systems. Apart from that, they review security policies, user access controls and risk management procedures over the course of a compliance audit to make sure thorough compliance preparations are in-place and active.
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