Sell Your House In Just 7 Days

Date11/18/2020 7:49:11 PM
PriceUSD 47.00
When you sell your home, it’s natural to want to get the highest return on your investment at the closing table. For that and other reasons, some intrepid homeowners prefer selling their house without a Realtor.Known as a “for sale by owner,” or FSBO, listing, selling a house without a Realtor requires time, ambition and drive a Houston-based real estate broker and author of “Simple And Sold,” a guide for FSBO sellers. A FSBO can lead to huge savings when you eliminate the typical 6 percent commission fee for real estate agents. On a $300,000 home, that could add up to $18,000 in savings. Homeowners who are wondering how to sell a house by owner should understand that it’s a learning process. After all, selling a home isn’t something people do every day. Preparing for what’s ahead will help you net the most money at closing and keep your stress to a minimum. Here’s a primer on how to sell a house by owner. The course makes doing all of this brain dead simple in a friendly, fun and easy, step-by-step program.
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