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Date11/21/2020 3:47:57 AM
Introduction of Lace Wig Lace Wig
English: lace wigs
Lace wig or front lace wig is a special kind of wig made on transparent lace base. The front lace wig is hand-woven with real human hair on a transparent lace bottom. The bottom of the full lace wig is entirely lace, while the front lace wig only has transparent lace where the hairline is obvious. The rest of the parts are made of materials that are not easily damaged. This material is comparable to lace, and does not have the ability to withstand tearing. Lace wig is the most expensive wig. The headgear should be glued to the person's scalp, and it should last for a moderate amount of time. For example, the wearer can bathe, swim, and can participate in vigorous sports with a wig.
CYM hair
Classification of lace wigs
Lace wigs are divided into full lace wigs (full lace wigs) or front lace wigs (front lace wigs).
Making process of lace wig
It is made by professional technicians and hand hooks. Generally, it takes about 7 to 15day
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