Containment ISOLATOR

Date11/23/2020 6:52:37 PM
We are offering wide range of Isolator, Containment Isolator, Isolator Technology, Isolator Pharmaceutical and Roll Compactor with Isolator.

Our Product Range consists of the following.

• Sampling & Dispensing Isolator.
• Isolator for Granulation.
• Isolator for Roll compactor & dry process line.
• Isolator for Auto coater.
• Close loop Granulation lines.
• Colloid mill with containment.

Special Features
• Integrated process equipment’s with Rigid –ve pressure Barrier Isolators
• Options for material ingress i.e. Pass Box, RTP’s & SBV’s
• Options for material discharge i.e. Out Pass Box, RTP’s, SBV’s, and Continuous Liners or BIBO Sleeves.
• In Process Containers with SBV’s.
• Pressure controlled cycles with Temperature, Humidity & O2 monitoring & control if required.
• Integrated WIP systems with Skid.
• Drum loading systems.
• Safe Change filters.
• Glove integrity testing.
• Optimum ergonomics via ergo trials.
• Complete automation using PLC + HMI (10”- Mitsubishi / optional Siemens make), compliant to 21 CFR if required.
• Support for pressure test OEL test provided.
• In compliance with cGMP norms.
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