End to End Quality Assurance Training

Date11/30/2020 4:45:17 PM
QA training at IIT Workforce is our five-star program which is unparalleled in terms of curriculum and training delivery as we provide 100% hands-on project-based course.
IIT Workforce based in the USA occupies a unique place in the field of IT training as our focus lies with providing hands-on live project-based training. Our trainees essentially gain real work experience along with acquiring application knowledge of the concepts they learn during the training.
Application knowledge is integral to quality assurance training as the various activities, techniques, and steps, to ensure the high quality of the product requires hands-on practice against theoretical learning.
At IIT Workforce, we currently have QA projects in healthcare and banking domains which will essentially help you build domain expertise along with technical skills.
Key takeaways of enrolling for the Quality Assurance Training program at IIT WorkForce:
· Hands-on verifiable experience on resume
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