Barrel Tumblers, Bench Model, Industrial Grade

Date12/20/2020 4:25:29 AM
These industrial grade, roller barrel tumblers are ideal for small batch runs, R&D testing, and for moderate quantities of small parts. The MT Series Barrel Tumblers have multiple bases along with a variety of barrel sizes for all types of applications. The water-tight barrels can be used either wet or dry.
Barrel Tumblers, Bench Model, Heavy Duty, K14 Series Barrel Tumblers are made to last. The heavy duty engineering can handle heavy load weights and wet or dry processes. The system can be set up with multiple barrel configurations.
Barrel Tumblers, Floor Model, Heavy Duty, K Series Barrel Tumblers are the ideal solution. The wide array of barrel configurations and sizes allow for versatility to be used for almost any application – wet or dry tumbling.
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