Precision Investment Casting Company

Date12/20/2020 4:27:38 AM
Our Rajkot-based manufacturing plant providing a whole range of investment castings made from ferrous metals and its alloys including the cobalt and nickel super-alloy.
Our advanced casting process manufactures engineering components of the highest quality with an installed capacity of 600 MT per annum. One disposable pattern is used to produce only one metal part.

Precision Investment Casting Process
• The first step involves the making of an original wax model.
• Precision investment moulds are created.
• Hot melted wax is poured in the mould to create an inner lining. A hollow wax copy is formed and it is then removed from the mould.

There is more than one benefit of choosing Precision investment casting. It’s a highly touted way of making a diverse range of metal parts and components. Benefits of precision investment casting.
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