Expert Steps guide for Amcrest Camera Setup.

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Many amcrest wireless cameras are doing wonders in society in terms of the video surveillance system. If you are also interested in purchasing an Amcrest camera, you might even be worried about its setup process.

Here are some of our simple steps that can help in amcrest wireless camera setup without many efforts; all you have to do is follow them accurately.

● You can start connecting the camera with a power supply I and an ethernet cable.
● After that, you can assess the web UI for your device from Chrome and then continue connecting to the Wi-Fi networks.
● And to do that, you need to log in to your camera's WebUI and click on setup, which will be followed by network and Wi-Fi.
● When you reach the Wi-Fi settings, you can click on the enable button and choose the desired Wi-Fi network. After that, you can put your password and click on the connect button.
● Once you are done with that, you can log out from the web UI and disconnect the Ethernet cable. After that, your device will be connected to the network automatically.

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