Holding companies in UAE: All you need to know

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Date1/2/2021 10:11:10 PM
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Whether you are an investor, a business owner or a prospective investor, you might have heard of holding companies. If you haven’t, you probably will in the near future because it's quite impossible, considering the role they play in the overall business industry. Broadly defined, a holding company is a company that doesn’t have any operations, activities, or other active business itself. Instead, the holding company owns assets. There are many ways to define and many categories to put these assets in, as the policies and ordinances vary the options for those of us who want to get involved in holding companies in Middle East.

This type of a company is legitimate to be owned by both local and forgein prospects depending upon the state laws of the region of origin of the company. Those who want to set up holding companies in Dubai will register them with the Department Economic Development following which they can develop their activities just like any other business form. In this regard, owners and interested parties need to go through the entire list of regulations by the authorities in order to fit completely into the state’s laws and regulations. Some of the best holding companies are those that take care of the interests of its subsidiaries.

Quantum auditing as the leading financial accounting firm can help you set up your own holding companies in Dubai, Bahrain or any other parts of UAE. their expertise is in financial, accounting and auditing services and advisory. They have a few good decades of experience within the industry and this region, therefore they are this well-known and preferred by many industry professionals. If you are looking to form or start a holding company or take assistance of other holding companies in UAE, reach them out and get professional assistance.
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