Enjoy Benefits of your Pool All-Year-Round with Madimack

Date1/7/2021 6:29:20 PM
Madimack is the leading manufacturer of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps in Australia. These are not only the most efficient but also economical pool heat pumps available in Australia. They maintain a soothing temperature all around the year so you can take a dip in the pool any time of the year. Madimack’s Heat Pumps require a small amount of energy to operate the compressor and fan motor and hence effectively reduces energy bills. We have various models and units available depending on the needs of your residential and commercial facility.
For residential facilities, we have the Elite Silent Series, exclusively designed for the ones who are looking for the quieter heat pump units. We also have Summer Eco swimming pool heaters that are the perfect choice for energy-conscious minds. These heat pumps come with low energy and night mode, which means energy efficiency can be increased by up to 20% at least. All our heat pump units are compatible with Solar PV, have WiFi as standard and are built with the latest inverter technology. Not only this, we have a variety of models available to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Make the right choice for your swimming pool with best-rated heat pump swimming pool heaters from Madimack.
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