Back Pain Therapy Clifton

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If you’re struggling with pain, this state of the art Harvard pain clinic Clifton NJ is for you. At this modern and friendly clinic, you will be treated by a team of board certified Harvard pain doctors NJ who are leaders in pain medicine. These pain experts avoid using risky and unnecessary surgery or narcotics. This is because surgery involves many complications and is often not necessary. Many orthopedic surgeons can be too quick to recommend surgery and narcotics as the only treatment route. However, surgery is often not necessary and can sometimes create more issues. It’s important you understand the risks associated with invasive procedures and narcotics. That’s why this pain clinic Clifton promotes your health by using the latest minimally invasive treatment options on the market. These treatments combine the latest advancements in pain medicine with a holistic view of health care. They draw on the body’s own healing abilities and use this in conjunction with cutting-edge technology to get you back on your feet. Some of the latest non-invasive procedures include Steroid Injections, Epidurals, Nerve Blocks and Radiofrequency Ablation. These pain-free options are safer and much more effective than surgical options.
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