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Date1/15/2021 4:10:45 PM
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92 21 3496 699192 21 3496 6991
A hospital management information software might not be what it sounds like, because regular information management systems and solutions are used for different organizations and industries alike. It all depends upon your needs and requirements as an organization. Different companies have different requirements according to their work structure. The best hospital management information solution does a thorough and detail-oriented job to fix their documentation and structure needs.

Spectrum is known to be the best hospital management system by SOFCOM, which has several different modules in its program that make for the best hospital management features. Here are a its modules along with their purpose:

Spectrum LIMS: Spectrum LIMS is an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software solution that supports a Laboratory’s analytical and resource management needs, whilst monitoring compliance requirements. Spectrum LIMS is focused on optimizing laboratory performance and resource management.
Spectrum Stability: SPECTRUM Stability is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software that includes functions and features to control the complete life cycle study of a batch in a simple and logical fashion. It provides complete shelf life forecasting based on complete intervals and also predicts product behavior in future months based on last month’s study.
Spectrum QMS: Spectrum Quality Management System focuses on Automation of Quality Assurance functions. IT ensures best quality practices with compliance & complete Investigation management to eliminate the causes of non-conformities or other undesirable situations.
Spectrum Instrument Interfacing: One of the key ways to add efficiency and accuracy to your laboratory is by interfacing your instruments. The optimal instrument interface is dependent on your compliance requirements, the instrument, the integration outcomes, and, of course, the amount of effort you wish to expend. Spectrum Instrument Interfacing Module provides the capability to acquire data directly from Lab instruments.
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