What is Technical SEO? - Aditya's Blog

Technical SEO identifies website and server optimizations that make it effortless for search engines to crawl and index content.

The foundation of a search engine strategy starts with Technical SEO. It helps to allow your website to be accessed via search engines to ensure customers can detect your content.

The range includes the management of elements like Crawling, Indexing, Status Codes, Page Speed, Content, Site Structure, Mobile Usability, SSL, Structured Data, Migrations, and Rendering for websites.

Another way to consider Technical SEO? Hakuna Matata. From the Lion King Hakuna Matata means"no worries" Back in SEO, this means no issues with your website.

By making sure your website is problem-free, Technical SEO clears the way for your content to flourish and organic search traffic to rise.

Why is Technical SEO important?
Technical SEO investigates the issue and implements a clear answer.
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