Best Telehealth Software Systems in Texas, USA | SISGAIN

Date4/21/2021 3:10:43 AM
PriceUSD 3,999.00
SISGAIN’s outlet utilizes cloud-based telehealth software systems & mobile telehealth solutions to engage patients with doctors with credible video and audio characteristics and uniform medication. SISGAIN's goal is to furnish assistance indistinguishable to real-life conferences remotely assures patients’ comfort ability in earning psychological care via telehealth app development in Texas, USA. The company also proposes distant faculty training for numerous organizations, like nursing homes, via e-conferences. SISGAIN also offers wearable device technology so that physicians can monitor changes in sleep, exercise, diet, and weight. Through a patient portal, patients can share a visual food diary with physicians for real-time results as opposed to waiting for appointments to share data that could be easily forgotten before a doctor visit. For more information call us at +18444455767 or email us at
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