Is Your Boiler Condensate Pipe Leaking? Here’s What To Do!

Date1/25/2021 6:44:27 AM
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A leaking boiler pipe is never a pleasant sight to see, it’s often quite troublesome, and sometimes there might even be dangerous consequences.

A faulty water heater might cause some serious and costly property damage not just to you, but to your neighbors as well. It’s not recommended to try and fix the leak by yourself as you may cause the whole system to lose its protective inhibitor.

A leaky boiler can be caused by any number of reasons, so this checklist should help you diagnose the problem on your own.

Once you notice a problem in your boiler pipe, there are a few important steps that you need to follow, even if you have decided to cDall a professional plumber.

1. Turn off the water supply.

2. Drain the system.

3. Mop up the water.

4. Wait for the plumber.

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