Desi Restaurant Menu Manhattan NY

Established in 2007 Gourmet Sweets and Restaurant is a renowned restaurant. Mr. Qaiser Chaudhary owner of this company's aim is to introduce the unique south Asian cuisine to America. They have worked hard irrespective of day and night in order to achieve their objective which as stated earlier is to introduce a variety of delicious cuisines among people. We are delivering both Pakistani and Indian cuisines within America. Our expertise includes producing desi sweets, divine Pakistani food, amazing vegetarian Indian food, and many more. Our staff shows respect and curtesy to the customers. We offer our mouthwatering food items at extremely affordable prices. We also cover big events and cater for them, and even for them, our delivery charges are minimal. We have partnered with Uber eat, Grubhub, Seamless, Doordash, and meal high five for timely delivery.
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