Hera Series automated standalone DVD duplicators

Date1/26/2021 1:33:46 PM
PriceUSD 100.00
The Hera Series automated standalone DVD duplicators begin with 3 DVD CD Duplicators drives and 330 disc limit and go as far as possible up to 9 CD DVD Blu-Ray duplicators drives and 900 disc limit. It comprises DVD CD Duplicators and Blu-Ray Duplicators.

Its standalone operation is to Duplicate your needs by simplifying the duplication process.

Duplication with Hera Series is as simple as loading CD, DVD, or BD on top of the clear disc and selects "Duplicate". That is it! For those who have ISO files on their PCs or laptops, particularly if you have larger files like Blu-Ray images, the Hera CD DVD Blu-Ray duplicators now include a PC-Link application to allow the transfer of image files directly to the internal HDD, or directly control the autoloader and all jobs from the PC-Link application.
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