Mushroom Defense

Date3/18/2022 6:41:27 AM
PriceUSD 59.99
Powerful Antioxidants and Unique Bioactive Compounds.
Touching nature with Natural ingredients on the Essential Micronutrients. Mushroom Defense is a Revolutionary Multi-Mushroom Complex with a unique 80% Fruit Body, 20% Mycelium split. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a nurse, teacher, student, business owner, new mommy, and daddy, or simply a health conscious individual – having a strong immune system is important for staying well and keeping sickness away from your loved ones. That’s why we formulated Mushroom Defense with well-studied mushrooms renowned for boosting immune function.
Protecting Your Immune System Fighting Fatigue & Shielding against Cognitive Decline with 10 Powerful Mushrooms Plus Cordyceps, One Daily Serving for boosting immune function. Free Shipping on Select package.
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