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Buy Brooklyn Equipment,mainly focusing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).We sell quality brand products right from Clorox, Lyzol, Purcell, Microban, 3M, test kits, cavi,oxivir etc. Basically providing disinfectant products,like spray, wipes, hand sanitizers etc to keep harmful viruses, bacterias at bay. Providing protective accessories In the form of masks, glove covering out body parts to not come in contact with the harmful environment or be safe till the vaccines for covid -19 are out or in process. Wipes are either disinfecting or disposables as well, having layers remove the allergens giving an enhanced cleaning & a scent. Mask are N95 being the most secure version of the face mask to prevent covid-19 contact and maintaining social distancing. Gloves having different kinds, some for food factory usage, some for handling hazardous materials, some to protect from punctures.Sanitiser being all time life savers to keep our hands clear of all bacterial contact & viruses, with atleast 70% ethyl alcohol.
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