Energy-Efficient Pool Heat Pump for Residential Facility

A heated pool provides you with the needed comfort and relaxation that couldn’t be gain with an ordinary pool. Madimack makes it possible for you to enjoy a heated, relaxing and comfortable dip in your pool any time of the day, all year round by bringing you highly energy-efficient swimming pool heat pump solutions. Our aim is to deliver innovative, cost-effective and superior in performance heat pump pool heater that provides you with the needed comfort and extends your swimming season.

We have a wide range of heat pump pool heater units to cater to the specific requirements of your residential facility. All our residential swimming pool heat pump are compatible with Solar PV and come with WiFi as standard. For the ones who are infuriated with their noisy heat pump and looking for silent pool heat pump device, we have Elite Silent Inverter Pool Heat Pump. This unit is not only silent in performance, but also extremely energy efficient with an average C.O.P of 10. We also have Summer Eco and Eclipse Cooling and Heating Inverter Pool Heat Pump Services for your residential facility.
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