Team Mastery: From Good To Great Agile Teamwork

Date2/12/2021 9:38:46 AM
PriceUSD 29.99
Great Teams Need SQUAD Depth
If you have ever been part of a great team you will know it is exponentially better than being part of a mediocre team.

Teams are at the heart of working in complex domains and are essential to the success of agile approaches yet relatively few teams achieve greatness.

Agile and leadership coach Geoff Watts has pulled together his many years of experience with all sorts of teams from software, to product development, from medical teams to sports teams and has identified five common characteristics of great teams: Self-Improvement Quality Unity Audacity Delivery

These characteristics are not binary but can be developed through conscious and deliberate action and practice with many milestones along the way towards Team Mastery.
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