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A long list of tasks can be quite nerve racking. Specially if you don't have the time to do them, like some cleaning tasks at home, or you may need more skills to do them, like the tasks for a handyman. We know your pain, and we can help you take out the pain and find the right person to help you tick off those tasks. You may be an expert that is ready to offer his/her skills but doesn’t know where to begin? Good news is, we can help you too. Jobtick offers you the right platform with the chance to be seen quickly by the right audience and work according to your schedule and expertise. Take the long journey of presenting yourself to the market or finding the right person from the market, to your portable device and just do it all at home. This app can be your personal genie in the bottle.

*Members of our Family*

Whether you are here to get a task done, or you are here to offer your skills, you are considered as one of our dear family members. We have lowered the commission fees to make it more advantageous for everyone. Here we join hands to help one another experience a much easier 20th century life. We look after each other here by trying to offer the best and making a safe environment for the connection between those who will post jobs and those who will tick them off. That one job you have been meaning to tick off for so long but didn’t, can be over with the help of a fellow member.

*Feedback and Rating*

For every single need of yours, there are many skilled experts actively offering their skills. It may seem hard to choose from, but we have made sure to pave the way and make it much easier for you with a reliable rating and feedback system. The feedback and ratings are submitted by you and we have made it transparent enough for you to see everything. Not only don’t we hide anything from your eyes but also, we monitor everything to ensure authenticity.

*Your time and location*

You don't have to pay extra fees for transportation and spend more time waiting, we can help you connect with the best and the most skilled, anywhere you need. With our growing community you can make sure to find the skilled people you need nearest to your location. The timing of the task you want done or the services you want to provide is according to your schedule and because you can negotiate things with one another, there is almost no limitation

*Do anything*

At Jobtick things don’t stop at more common tasks and needs and we have tried our best to cover as many services and tasks as possible, even those with the slightest chances of occurrence. You can find a wide variety of tasks and for each you can have more than a few options to look at. It can start from cleaning homes and handymen tasks and go all the way to even finding a DJ for your event. Just post your job with us and we’ll make sure it gets ticked off of your list.

*Why Jobtick*

Easy to use

Lower commission fees

Active support center

Reliable rating and feedback

Wide variety of tasks and offers

Easier communication between parties
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