Varicose veins in the legs?

Date2/16/2021 7:16:01 PM
Did you know that up to 35% of Americans are affected by some form of varicose veins in the legs? This condition can lead to several health complications down the line. It is often accompanied by pain, swelling, inability to spend extended periods on your feet, and general discomfort.
Solve the issue for yourself or a loved one and let experts recommend you the best steps moving forward. Dr. Tidwell can help you get rid of this issue finally. Interventional Radiology is a modern approach to an old problem and one that bears excellent fruits. The operations are minimally invasive, with a variety of excellent treatment options available at your disposal.
All Medicus patients receive the necessary care and attention at our vein clinic. With us, you will receive a customized treatment plan, immediate pain relief, and exclusively local anesthetic, with the guarantee of fast recovery.
If you are ready to get started, then we are happy to have you. Call 561-624-0123 now.
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