Date2/17/2021 7:19:19 AM
Bengal was the hotbed of India’s independence movement but its place in the annals of history was established long before the British came to India. There was a time when Bengal (undivided) contributed to 12% of the world's GDP. Her soil produced yards of silk, muslin, jute, tea & spice, and traders from across the world sailed to her shores. Over the centuries, Bengal’s rich history, heritage & architecture, vibrant festivals and celebrations, and of course the delicious cuisines, have made it a hub of color and creativity. In addition, it has been an intellectual hub for many visionaries from poets, artists, film-makers, scientists, academicians, and thinkers.
On this 7 days journey of Bengal, we will experience the regal splendor of Bengal and experience her stories through rich art & architecture, incredible textiles, delectable cuisine, and much more as we weave our way from Kolkatta to Murshidabad, Shantiniketan, and Bishnupur. The 7 days tour starts in Bengal on 7th March. Limited seats are available. Call 020-66442929 to reserve your seat on this small-group tour with like-minded travelers.
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