How do i get a refund from pc matic

Hello everyone, You're Most Welcome in this article, I will discuss PC Matic Troubleshooting and how do I get a refund from PC Matic, add the phone number and how to PC Matic free download and so on. I am giving you some Instructions please follow this. So let's start Here...
Instruction for PC Matic free Download
1 If you want to download PC Matic for iPhone so let's go first on the APP Play store.
2 Go to the Menu bar and find the Search bar.
3 Type PC Matic in the search box.
4 If available there you get a link for download.
5 Download PC Matic anti virus in your iPhone Location.
6 After Download than Open PCMatic App.
7 Please Fill in the instructions like pc matic customer service assistant, user name, Country name as per the PC Matic Data allow permission.
PC Matic free download for System
1-Login your computer and Go toany type of Browser on your computer or Mac-like Google, Yahoo! being a search engine.
2 Enter the text "PCMatic" in your Browser.
3 Click the first link pc Matic
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