OSHA and ANSI’s Safety Standards for Window Cleaning

Date2/23/2021 9:24:57 AM
Working with Roof Anchor technology and Window cleaning both are specialized works that must be carried out by OSHA qualified persons. According to the safety agency’s inspection regulations, a window washing consultant must inspect anchorages before every use. Today’s safety standards are extensive to ensure the well-being of those who work in elevated areas. Since companies are building more high-rise structures, the need for window cleaner anchor points is growing as is the demand for advanced safety equipment and physical testing every ten years with inspections annually.

To increase the reliability of window washing equipment and services, the IWCA developed its own set of safety standards (2001 and draft 2012) that was recognized by ANSI. If you would like to discuss our training, design or safety recommendations, or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today! Our experts are here to help ensure that you and your team can work safely and effectively. Contact PFAT today at 1-800-372-7775 or email at Send us the building address.
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Available date2/23/2021
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