High Quality Swiss Turned Parts Manufacturer

Date2/24/2021 5:41:51 AM
We are among the largest manufactures of precision based manufacturing machine components. The company is also leading in provision of high quality machinery parts which has made it be recognized as a market leader. The companies specializes in CNC turned parts, CNC machining, investment casting parts and even sub assembly.

The company prides itself with a rich wealth of experience in the machining industry with our operation spanning for more than 25 years since 1986.Over this period, the company has acquired state of the art equipment for CNC machining, die casting and investment casting. This has helped in efficient and quality service delivery to our esteemed customers.

The company’s manufacturing unit is well developed and synchronized allowing for smooth and efficient operation. There is a comprehensive range of CNC machined parts arranged based on the process and efficiency of operations. This infrastructure is regularly maintained by the company technicians to account for new equipments and improvement of productivity.

The company has a strict quality policy and we hold a belief in doing things right from the beginning, and striving to deliver highest quality at all times. In this regard, the company has undertaken an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system audit and became ISO certified.

Swiss Turned Parts

Successful and productive manufacturing is highly dependent on the quality of machine tools and components being used. One of the major hindrances of production is usually equipment break down resulting to frequent interruptions in processing. In response to this challenge, engineers and managers have resorted to use of the highest quality components of machines in an effort to reduce the frequency of breakdowns. The use of the Swiss type CNC machines has been a major breakthrough for them because these machines are able to eliminate secondary processes and achieve high quality machining.

Swiss CNC equipments have the ability to machine parts of very small diameters up to 20mm. What is more interesting is that they can perform so many operations simultaneously thus increasing the efficiency of the production process. These equipments can machine various materials including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and even alloy steel.
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