Microfusion | Sumangal Casting

Date2/24/2021 8:39:02 AM
Microfusion in India is done at Sumangal Casting Pvt. Ltd. which is located at Rajkot – the biggest hub of investment casting in India. It’s nearest to the international air and seaports. The investment casting processes and system is approved by the world’s leading and notifying agencies and this puts us far ahead in the local competitive market. The products manufactured in our manufacturing plant follow the international standards and are made as per the requirements of the domestic and international OEMs and all the products are treated with the same expertise and experience.

Microfusion investment casting is useful when you want to achieve even the minutest details in the products. The products obtained by using this casting process carry the detailing of complex undercuts and dimensional accuracy with complete precision. Here’s a brief outlook of the process of microfusion investment casting and how it’s done at our company.
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